Who am I?

portret I have been nurtured and surrounded by art throughout my life. I have also had the great privilege of setting up and participating in many art exhibitions. “Novynu” has become
the “inspirational word” in my life.

Novynu is an anagram of my name, Yvon, and ‘nu’, the Dutch word for now. It stands for my journey in the here and now, new space, freedom, strength, challenge, passion, processes, emotion and colour. During my busy and inspiring working life, which was spent mainly in the graphical sector, I felt a strong affinity to change processes within organisations and the people they affected. Now that I have retired, I am in a position to devote more time to my artistic journey. I combine a variety of techniques to create my spatial objects. The use of many different materials is a prominent theme in my creations. This type of creativity both excites me and allows me to express who I am.


My many facets are reflected in my objects. My work is mainly modern abstract. Abstract art has great depth and creates an imaginative space that encourages people to think.